Sometimes You Have To Think Small

Did you know, that a penny compounded (which means multiplied by itself) over the course of a month, is over a million dollars? But if someone asked you if you would rather have $500,000 cash now or a penny compounded, you would say cash, as would most people. It's hard to conceptualize how little things add up over time, and there's no way to prove this to you other than the millions of successful people in the world who say THIS is the principles that helped them. 

From winning championships, Olympic medals, growing businesses or losing the desired amount of pounds, people from all walks of success all say that consistency was the key to their success. And believe it or not, it is a lot easier that way. 

You see, only 30 minutes of something a day over a year is going to change your life over time. 30 minutes of exercise will make you so much fitter a year from today. But if you worked out for 4 hours in a row, once a week, you wouldn't have the same benefits as if you stretched that time over time. The same goes for automatic habits like eating something sweet in the morning, bad bedtime habits or neglecting what we know is good for us. 

Remember, One Day At A Time- that is the only way anyone has ever achieved anything. So write on a piece of paper the 5 things you need to do today, and the 5 things for tomorrow, and only focus on those. Start small, and we KNOW you will build BIG. 

Love, Healing My Health.

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