Healthy Drinking Is Important Too

It's not rare to encounter someone who can't understand why they're having such a hard time losing weight, and is extremely frustrated by the fact that even though they're making an effort to eat  and all the right foods and avoid the bad ones- they still consider their weight to be in the 'slightly overweight' category. It's also common for people like this to talk about all the progress they've made and how hard their trying, to 'break their diet' and have snacks or soft drinks, without moderation. It's easy to see why moderation seems so difficult for us.
The key, as stated in a lot of our articles, is to start by adding in things to our diet, and we'll slowly get used to it. The same applies to drinking- we're so conditioned to drink the highest flavor filled drinks all the time, that it becomes hard to only drink water. To feel motivated, we need to understand the health benefits of water. 

Water contains one third parts oxygen, which is scientifically proven to highly increase lung function as well as brain activity. This explains why we can have headaches when we wake up or when it's too hot- it's the dehydration. To keep our brain healthy and body at a high energy level, (granted you care about those things), we need to make drinking water a habit. 

Start small- the most important two times to drink water are right when you wake up, and before bed. Put a water bottle next to your bed, and try to have the whole thing throughout the day. It's as easy as takeing it around with you around wherever you go, sipping it periodically.
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