Does Low Fat Mean Low Fun?

Even though our tendencies towards foods and beverages have shifted subversively over the decades, there'll always be fallacies that come in the way of logic, reason and our own opportunities. A great example of this is, if it's yummy and fun, it can't be healthy. 

It makes sense why were tempted to eat fast food like pizza, fries and burgers. Our taste buds love these foods and go crazy for salt, sugar and high flavor food. Too much of this, and healthy food like salad and greens, doesn't taste like anything. 

We connect more to less healthy, fast food because that's what we 're used to. Imagine someone on vacation in an overseas country.
There is always a perception that someone who travels to another country is going to search forthings that are most familiar to them– a cliché born out of the fact that in the United Kingdom, the "Brit abroad" is a terms that refers to a Brit booking a hotel the next city down, and searching for their favorite foods.

When we expand our selection, we 're generally going to see that the things we've ignored simply by habit, are not bad at all. It's all about balance; for example, try to have salads with different kind of sauces every day so you don't get bored, and use a wide selection of greens (buy 2-3 at a time). Mix healthy bases like quinoa and brown rice with your favorite main entree- just home-cook your favorite foods instead of eating them out!


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