Threats In Disguise Most Women Don't Know

The little things are the ones that often have to look out for. The phone checking when we wake up. The half bag of chips during Netflix. The extraordinary amount of maple syrup on our pancakes, just because we love it extra juicy. Little things add up- which means that doing bad things, as small as they are, are going to have a drastic effect in the future.
Believe it or not, the things that don't ruin our lives right away, but gradually, are the ones we need to look out for. How can we stop these things, and what even are they? We identify these things as actions that if reflected deeply upon, have some kind of negative effect on our lives, and have more of a negative influence in our lives than negative. 

For example, have you noticed that when you sleep at a completely different time two nights in a row, you feel completely out of it for some of the next day? This 'dizziness' period might be short for some, but for some it can last for as long as half the day to the whole day. That one night of going out every week, is taking away from your Sunday / Saturday after, which could be used to pursue passions or interests you don't have time for during the week. 

Tomorrow and this week going forward, be intentional with the small choices you make. Think about what will make you feel better after, and do that- trying to resist the things that you know won't be good for you. Best of luck & wishes!

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