A Little Progress Today = BIG Results

Healthy eating doesn't come intuitively to everyone. It would be amazing if we could just flip the switch and change our habits to make our eating habits healthier, but because we have free will and individual choice, we will constantly be tempted to do that which hurts us in the long term. 

This means that we are hesitant to make the leap forward, and we feel tied down to our old habits and desires. We have began to identify with the foods you love, but know you shouldn't be as excited about it as you are. Don't worry, we've all been there, and we can take micro steps forward to help us.    

Instead of trying to making one huge change, there's a lot to say about starting small and making a few small changes that'll be much easier to manage. These small shifts might not feel significant, but every day you become stronger and more tied to these good habits, and slowly they start to change your life in ways you wouldn't have imagined before. Believe it!
Remember: Tomorrow morning when you wake up, think about the choices you make about the food you eat and be intentional about the long term benefits of those foods. Research the benefits of certain healthy foods you have in your home and use that as motivation to eat it. Picture yourself healthy, energetic and stress-free knowing you're working on yourself without it being extremely stressful. 

When you order a burger and are offered a drink and fries, just get a water cup instead. When the waiter asks you how you prefer your eggs, why don't you try having them scrambled or poached – there is much more flavor and significantly lower fat intake from eating them like this. Tiny, difficult at first but easy the more you do them changes like this soon add up. Keep at it and you'll reach the stars. Good luck love, we are here to support you! :)
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