Can Fast Food Be Guilt Free?

Fast food is, and will undoubtedly continue to be, one of the largest sectors of the economy all over the world. The reality is that sometimes, when we're on the move, we ’re searching for the quickest option. We may be out for hours and far from home, and nothing 'healthy' is nearby. We might be at home or local, and we just crave something yummy- so we go for it. We know that we should be eating healthy, but it's not as tasty and healthy options to eat out at are always so much more expensive. 

What we need to do is understand this issue and tackle it head on by addressing the problem. How can we make delicious food at home, while saving money and time? How can we discipline ourselves to only eat at home, eating out on emergencies or occasions only? 
The most efficient method I have found is meal prepping. The way I meal prep is simple: Greens, a base and protein. For greens, I cycle between romaine lettuce, spinach, butter lettuce, kale and arugula. For the base, I shuffle through brown rice, white rice, sweep potatoes, noodles, pasta or bread. Proteins include either chicken, beef, fish or beans (black, pinto, garbanzo) cooked. I then add salt, spices, seasoning, and put marinara and salad sauce in tiny portable sauce jars. I take out my 6 same size plastic containers, and split up the greens, base and protein amongst them.
This is 3 days worth of food, so I just mix and match what I want for lunch and dinner for the next 3 days and keep everything the same. I assign 2 sauces for each container, and put a fruit on top of it as well (I love blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and back berries) and leave bananas, apples, pears, kiwis, avocados and nuts on my table so I eat them as snacks. I also have cliff bars and chamomile, green teas. I try not to keep any sweets or sugary drinks in the house, and I'm forced to eat fruit when I want a snack.
I got a lot of inspiration from this video, and had incredible results adding in my own recipes. Click 'home' in a new tab, and find the meal prep YouTube video on the home page. Try out meal prep for 3 days and see how it goes! :)

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